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How To Build An Empire With 7 Content Marketing Trends?

It is high time to get serious regarding your digital strategy efforts. Content is at the focal of our social and digital, always on, always associated and always acquiring mobile world of interaction.

As the technologies progress in abilities, marketers become savvier at how to practice them, robots take place of jobs, and it converts even more modest for brands trying to hold any second of our consideration that they can.

Data is at the core of the connection amid your customer and your brand, it is either going to open their minds and heart to stay vigilant and stay caution that your brand/company exists, or it will slay down.

If you can interact with your users in an authentic, human method, leveraging data to deepen relations, vs only selling, your results will directly enhance.

Below are seven key content marketing trends you can’t avert.

Artificial Intelligence And Content Marketing

AI is already seriously impacting content marketing and most possibly, Artificial Intelligence will change content marketing in many methods over the next few decades.

A lot of influential AI technology already prevails; though, it’s not highly conveniently. As this alters over the course of these next few decades, that’s when we’ll actually witness the control of  Artificial Intelligence over content marketing.

Product-Based Content Outdoes Thought Leadership

In news that will be troubling to a lot of interaction experts and marketing is that one of the surveys searched that product-based content i.e. twenty-nine percent outdid all other sorts of content, comprising subject matter expertise or thought leadership i.e. twenty-five percent, brand-based content i.e. eighteen percent, or company-aimed data i.e. seventeen percent designed to endorse loyalty and  transparency.

Video Marketing

It now has huge potential. One of the reports states that sixty-four percent of users made a purchase after observing branded videos on Facebook. As per the survey, three out of four customers are persuaded via videos on social media when finalizing a buying decision. Additionally, videos are also the most suitable way to get to know a brand on the web.

Social Media

Social media marketing or SMM is one of the profligate moving platforms. The trend is shifting away from Facebook to short-lived audiovisual media like WhatsApp and Instagram. This is particularly the case for younger users lying between the age of 16 to 30-year-olds and influencers.

In order to make the content perform well on Social media platform, it has to be personal and authentic. Interacting and networking with other accounts is just as significant as personal interaction. Stories should be conveyed with regular and fast posts. Stability, authenticity, and playfulness are the key considerations.

Technical And Data Expertise Favored More

In spite of the high-scoring engagement of visuals and video, we were astonished to search that inspired skills, like the graphic design which comprise twenty-two percent and video editing which comprise sixteen percent, were at the bottom of the record of preferred talents. In lieu, project management which comprises thirty-nine percent, marketing automation expertise that involves thirty-seven percent and data analysis which comprise forty-four percent were the most sought-after assistances for new appointments.


Marketing by Influencer is no new thing, though it’s very much misinterpreted by business leaders and marketers.

You don’t require appointing the celebrities, in lieu, wondering about national and local leaders in your business and forte. Seek inside your own organization, as your own personal, along with present users, may be your finest brand evangelists and advocates.

Brand Storytelling

Acquiring how to influence brand storytelling is a skill not all marketers are proficient in that. Brand storytelling goes much in-depth into who you are, and why you’re performing what you’re executing. It is more about the experience you develop, and how you engross your users, as different to flaunting about yourself.

Final Thought

Ample of the content marketing trends like those listed above are already helping many businesses. Staying abreast of the trends and supporting the notions of the business with the emerging requirements of the users, recognizing the right partner who can assist brands accomplish such desired results is what will result in a positive content marketing techniques for marketers.

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